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Confidence Workshops

Take Inventory, Affirmation, Containerize, Care Package, Ritual, Remember Why, & Visualize

What is the Confidence Workshops all about?

Travel in 2024

Poly Living Conference Philidelphia

I will be presenting my Confidence for Poly People mini-workshop called, Don't Shut Up, Just Stand Up!, at the Poly Living Conference Philadelphia Feb 9-11, 2024 

Confidence is 
the Foundation of the

Coming Out

Local & Virtual

You're more likely to abuse a power dynamic if you don't Believe you have any Power!

Mia Schachter

Consent Wizardry

Share the Load Inc.

Become a Manifesting Magician

What would you do if you Felt AMAZING in Your Skin & 
you could support it with the strength of your voice and actions?

CoDependency No More, Boundaries & Consent, Honestly Hard Conversations, & Powerfully Unapologetic Authenticity!

Coming Out
with a Purpose



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NE CT Queer Womens Meetup
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Poly Living
Loving More
501(c)3 Educational NonProfit

This section is for those needing support as Queer Women and/or those having questions around the Polyamorous relationship structure. 


Speaker & Presenter


These are short speaking engagements about particular topics I am most suited for:

  • Confidence 

  • Consent & Boundaries

  • CoDependency No More

  • Hard Conversations

  • Polyamory / Ethical Non-Monogamy

  • Feel Good in Your Skin (MOJO MAGIC)

  • Thriving Entrepreneurship Mindset

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