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Remember Abundant You

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Are you feeling disconnected and longing for a

tribe of people who support and respect you?

Have you struggled to find loving partners in your life?

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My mission as a coach

is for us all to Come Out

with our Authentic Selves.


What you tell yourself matters

This is your "story".

And your "story" can change your life.

I have found the key to changing your life is just this.  Your Story.  But first, you must remember who you are! 


I never thought I had a story until 10 years ago when I realized I was hiding a big secret even from myself.  I kept my story silent because this world did not make it easy for me to hear my own voice.  


I ask you to COME OUT with it too.

You are not alone.  I will share with you time-tested practices that can help you remember the abundance that is within you right now.

This world needs us all to be our authentic selves so that we may teach, learn, and leave this world better for it...

What does COMING OUT mean? 

For me, it meant saying no to what wasn't working in my life and "Hell Yes" to what absolutely sparked a passion in my heart, ignited my soul, and pushed me to act with loving abandon.

Focus, clarity, confidence, braveness, and direction are right at your fingertips. 


All you need are tools that work, support that redirects you to what matters, and a cheerleader to remind you that you've got this!

No time is a good time and therefore any time is the time to do your life!

When I admitted to myself what I truly wanted, forgave myself for what I had to go through to remember, and started to do the things I life changed and yours can too.

Let's do this!

There is more to my story which you can read by pressing "Learn More" below.  In the meantime, I want you to think about your story and what you may be hiding from this world.     If you think that you are ready to open up that closed door then schedule a free call with me today.

"Ray is so well suited to be a coach.  She is so patient, encouraging and always talk me off my cliff when I'm pulling my hair out.  She expands horizons by opening minds and hearts.  Anyone who encounters Ray as a coach is left a better person.

Catherine M Essik 

Whistle Pig Mountain

Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC


Me in 2013

You can
find your

"Hell Yes" 

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Me Now

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