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The World is Waiting

             for you to


 with Your Authentic Self                     

1-1 Coaching!

We desperately
need your unique view


You will feel
in Yourself to...

  • Have Clarity in Your Direction

  • Stand Up for Your Truth

  • Find Freedom to be Yourself

  • Stay Accountable to your Purpose

  • COMING OUT safely & with pride!

What is a COMING OUT Coach?

I help my clients COME OUT through what I call "The Coming Out Process".  I created this process from my own experience  as I came out as nonbinary, polyamorous, and pansexual more than 7 years ago.  I utilize my background (Fine Arts, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Energy Work, & Much More).    

Here is The Coming Out Process in Four Steps


Confidence Tool Kit
For People Pleasers

 This Tool Kit was created to provide a foundation that will provide a daily practice of tapping into your inner guidance.  This practice is the building blocks to #2 Manifesting Magic and therefore the COMING OUT Process.

7 Tools:

  • Take Inventory

  • Affirmations

  • Containerize

  • Care Package

  • Rituals

  • Remember Why

  • Visualize


Manifesting Magic Manual

Radiate from within the Power to Choose

The Manifesting Magic Manual is a lot of information about how to :

  • No Longer be CoDependent

  • Hold Consent & Boundaries for yourself

  • Have Hard Conversations

  • Feel Amazing in Your Skin

If you've ever witnessed someone radiate an inner glow while skillfully asserting themselves with kindness and charisma, this manual is precisely the source of that transformative magic.


Magnetic Smile 
Guide to Connection


M.A.P. to R.A.Y.
My Accountability Plan to 
Remembering A
bundant You

Magnetic Smile to Connection is a way to deepen your root with those around you after you have found strength within.  

We will focus on finding support structures in friends, family, love, and forms of community.  You will get to redefine what these are after things have changed for you.  It is a fulfilling process of connection, relating, and love.

Having a map and plan for how to consistently hold yourself accountable to your values and authentic expression is so key to this process.

We are ever changing beings which means we need a plan in place that maps out how to continue this process of change.  How do we hold ourselves accountable even when every moment means things are different?

Find out more without any commitment by


Downloading for FREE

The Coming Out Process!

How does 1-1 Coaching work?


Schedule a Free Call

Press the button below, fill out the Call Form so that I am prepared to make the call a good representation of what 1-1 Coaching may look like if you work with me.  

You'll receive an email after you press Send that will have a link to my scheduling portal.  Schedule your first call there.

Suggestion: Prepare for the call by thinking of some questions.  Bring a note book to record any nuggets you'd like to remember for later!


Decide How You
Like to Start

I offer 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month coaching packages.

There are a few reasons why you'd go with a 3 month or 6 month instead of a 1 month package:

  • Price is less if you pay in advance for 3 or 6 months coaching packages.

  • Choosing more time means that you are deciding to commit and that usually means you'll get more out of it.

  • The longer the stay the more the coaching is tailored to you as time goes on.

  • It can take approximately 66 days on average to change a habit (18 - 254 days mattering).  


Signing, Paying, & Scheduling

To start you will:

  1. Sign the Contract

  2. Pay at least 1 month 3 days before the 1st session.

  3. Schedule 5 business days beforehand.

We will schedule the sessions ahead of time to make sure they are consistent and show your commitment to this process.


"Ray is one of the most authentic, self-aware and genuine people I know.  Always easy to talk to, Ray offers fresh perspective, guidance, original insight and wisdom acquired from a myriad of life experiences."

Lisa Salerno, Artist

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