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Hey There

Thanks for attending my presentation today!

Here is the Free Tool Kit with bonus material!

Let's Do This!

Outline for Today:

1. Quick Intros with Possible Listening Exercise

2. What is Confidence? (use of easel & pad)

3. Meditation/Visualization Exercise

4. Breakout into 2-4 people and answer the question What do you think is required to Stand up for your consent & boundaries?  Why Confidence?  Give at least one example you can think of where when confidence was / was not there and consent / boundaries was easy or not easy to uphold for you or someone else? (Talk after about - use of easel & pad)

5.  Quick overview - Going over the tool kit 

6.  Exercise - Take Inventory - Break out with 2-3 people - Go over the Questions.

  1. Anything said here stays here.
    2. Use the mic to talk and don't talk over others.
    3. Use I statements.
    4. Use observation rather than evaluation words.
    5. ask for what you want in return.
    6.  ask what they want in return.
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