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Stand Up for You


This One-Month Coaching package is for someone who needs a push toward a clear direction by creating a daily practice  that will help build more confidence so that you can do brave things again and again.

You can know what feels right for you and be brave to do it!

To apply, press the button below and let me know that you are interested in this offer by specifying in the first question that asks, "Please tell me for what and why you are applying?".

See the details below.

Stand Up for 
Who You Are

Does it seem like everything in

your world is standing in your way?

Are you wishing for some clarity on your direction and the confidence to stand up for

who you truly are?

Be bold and confident 

like the badass you are!

This 1-month coaching package is for someone who is looking to: Be boldly confident, Stand up for who they are, Live a life that is based on their true north, and Bravely go toward what is important to them.


You will get clarity on your mission in life and have a new sense of purpose that will fuel you to make the scary moves toward your dreams.  No matter your challenges, you can apply what you learn here and make your dreams come true by Remembering the Abundant You!

This Includes

Check Out

Level  2 - 3 Month : Love your Value 
When You're Seriously COMING OUT with your Authentic Self!

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