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Free Talks

  • Jan 07, 2024, 2:00 PM – 2:05 PM EST
    Middle River Yoga Studio, 2 River Rd, Stafford, CT 06076, USA
    Have you lost your MOJO or maybe you hear others talk about it but you never felt that in your life! You have people around you that seem to just look radiant in their skin and walk with a knowing that you wish you had. Learn what makes up the MOJO Magic and How you can get some!
  • Sep 25, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Middle River Yoga Studio, 2 River Rd, Stafford, CT 06076, USA
    No longer do you have to be quiet or abide by the "rules". Learn how to stand up for your needs and wants in small to large life scenarios with these magical Confidence Mind-Set Tools. These practices will open your door wider then you can imagine.

Introduction to
The Confidence Tool Kit

Free Talk

This is a Free 1 Hour Talk about how to gain more Confidence in your life through a simple 7 step process.  This process will transform how you think about what is possible for you in all areas of your life!

The Confidence Mind-Set Shift Tool Kit

  • Take Inventory

  • Affirmations

  • Containerize

  • Care Package

  • Rituals

  • Remember Why

  • Visualize

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Free Talk Confidence


Workshops running in Oct - Dec 2023!

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Free Talk

Introduction to
The MOJO Magnet

Starting in 2024, I will be holding a Free Talk on Sun, Jan 7, 2023 2-3pm about how to become a MOJO Magnet!  This 1 hour talk proceeds the 4 week workshop that will make your MOJO come back to life in a real way!

We'll go over what will be covered in the workbook & workshops :

Co-Depenedency No More

Consent & Boundaries

Honestly Hard Conversations

Feel Good in Your Skin

Free Talk - MOJO

MOJO Magic

Workshops running in Jan - Feb 2024!

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