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Finding Financial Independence

For women who want to get out of the rat race, make their own schedule, work the way they work best, and live well doing you!

I understand the challenges of being a petite female in a world that assumes women are not capable of doing work they love that will support themselves and their families to thrive.  I am here to tell you that's totally false and you have everything you need to get paid well and have the agency you need to feel free!

You may be getting back to the market or workforce after being away, an employee fed up with what is available to you, or a small business owner needing a mindset shift that will bring in work you love and pays you amply!  

If you want to make your own hours, set your own pay rates, take vacations anytime you like, and work when, how, where you'd like; then click the button below now!



Made for You


  • Curious Entrepreneur 

  • Career Shifter

  • Small Business Owner Needing Help!

Each of us is at a unique point on our journey towards what I call the 3 A's.  These include: Autonomy, Authenticity, & Accountability.  When each of these are applied in a consistent practice, abundance comes in droves! 


Your unique challenges need gentle coaxing and compassionate care.  Together we can create a plan that applies these practices so that you have the clarity of which steps to take in order to feel great through this process. 


That's why I'm offering a FREE CALL to help you gain clarity on what would be most beneficial for you. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, so let's work together to tailor a plan that fits your needs and supports you in becoming a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN!

What you gain...


of What is Working

STEP 1: You will look deep into what is working now and suss out what makes it work.  You will implement that knowledge into step 3 so that you ease inherent in everything you do from now on.


of What is in the Way

STEP 2: You will notice what gets in your way of ease and your own natural flow.  In this step, you will clear the way for space, time, and energy so that what is easy and working will have what it needs to grow larger in your life's work.


of What is your WHY

STEP 3:  You will find that once step 2 is underway, requests, dreams, and challenges will appear to test you and ask you to confirm what you have learned from the first 2 steps.  This is the fun part.  You will rephrase failure and a no into a "Not Yet" and a "This isn't for me because my "Hell Yes" is arriving soon."  Your "Hell Yes" is your "Why" and will have a pattern that you will be able to sense with all 5 senses once you are done with this exploration into Purposeful Stewardship!

What You'll Be Happy to Find

After the 3 step process is entrenched into your life you'll notice

these three things happen for you on a daily basis.


Synchronistic Ideas and Opportunities will come to you regularly that will make you want to take action ASAP!


You'll notice that when you are doing what seems hard to others you'll shine brightly and people will take notice - because it's your "Hell Yes" and you love it!


People will notice you and you'll notice those that are in line with your purpose.  This will bring amazing amounts of support your way to get over challenges that seemed insurmountable before.

bookkeeper llc

More than 10 years ago, I set out to have a virtual paperless bookkeeping business.  After working for a multitude of small businesses as an employee for more than ten years prior, I knew that small businesses needed help at an exorbitant  lower rate then they were paying me as an employee.  When covid started I was looking into how I could use my creative background to help people reconnect to their inner knowing so that they may discover their purpose and shine their authentic selves into the world.  I believed that when people do what they love, they will promote a better world.  I saw so many business owners and employees struggling to "love" what they did.  I think that once we can find our EASE, PURPOSE, and FLOW at work and overall life we will come together to fix the multitude of challenges we are now facing.

No time is a good time and therefore

If you need clarity on your purpose, want work that sets you free, and feel like you are doing some good in the world that may even become your LEGACY, then this is for you!

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