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What makes you sane?

You know what they say, "old habits die hard." And if I don't keep up with my routine,

I'm liable to turn into a hot mess express - a place I thought I had moved away from like a house haunted by ghosts. Back in the day, I'd wake up and run to

work like a chicken with its head cut off, chugging coffee like it was going out of style. And lunch? Let's just say my bank account was not a fan. With my sensitive nature, I was always picked to be the office doormat for the overbearing types. Saying "no" was like saying Voldemort's name, while "yes" had to be done with a snap of the fingers like I was a magician. Once the clock hit five, I'd race home, throw on some sweatpants, and order takeout with my significant other. We'd binge-watch TV until our eyes turned into raisins. I was so bored I could scream, but I promised myself I wouldn't turn into my parents. The only thing missing from the equation was a ton of chores that would suck my energy dry. And here's the kicker - I thought my soul was being fed by watching fun shows and indulging in tasty treats, but it turns out my ego was the one chomping at the bit to avoid fear, loss, and doubt.

Listen, if this sounds like you, I'm sending you a virtual hug. You might be dealing with depression, inflammation, and a severe case of loneliness. Believe me, I've been there. Mysterious illnesses, rashes, and excruciating pain plagued me in my 30s. But instead of facing the music, I was in denial like a kid who didn't want to go to bed. It wasn't until a few things happened that I realized I needed to treat my body like the precious gem it is. I had to pay attention, or else I'd fall so deep into depression that the only way out would be the big S word. But I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and got the help I needed. And you know what gave me the final push? My work environment. First, I worked at a company filled with womanizers and alcoholics - a party I did not want to attend. Then, I moved onto a boss duo that made Maleficent look like a saint.

Let me show you how I got my life back with some fun tricks to keep you sane and on track every moment of your day. The Magnetic Smile guide provides a how to sheet that I think is a great start to understanding how to stay consistent and slowly add good habits into your life that will make you SMILE!

  1. Remind Yourself Daily Why you are doing this!

  2. Start Small

  3. Stack It

  4. Pretend you have Amnesia

  5. Count to 5 Backwards & Do It - Mel Robbins way

  6. Get an Accountability Buddy

  7. Make it FUN!

I could explain all of these how to keep steady practices but it would take more than this article was meant for so if you are interested in learning more signup for the FREE Magnetic Smile Guide. It will walk you through the practices and keep you on the straight and narrow!

Instead - I want to share with you the fun I have to continuously add into my days or I become a character on MONSTERS INC.

This is the first of many steps I will share with you along the way. In return, feel free to share with me what makes you sane. I'd love to hear how you implement it into you day and week.

What makes you sane? Series 1: Episode 1 - Getting Dirty

I love being in sun, outdoors, and most of all getting dirty. I love it so much I may have another series about how to convene with nature to get in touch with you... so watch for that this summer!

More videos on what makes me sane to come.

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