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Silence & Stillness: Embracing the Power of Nothingness

As a curious child, I stumbled upon the Book of the Dead, also known as Bardo Thodol, when I was just thirteen years old. Growing up, my father had a habit of giving me multiple nicknames, leaving me uncertain of which one truly belonged to me. Although this childhood experience may initially appear unrelated, it surprisingly connects to the concept of nothingness.

Before I left for college, my father bestowed upon me the nickname "Bardo." While he was not aware of its meaning, I certainly was. Bardo is the Tibetan Buddhist term for the state of existence between death and rebirth. . Interestingly, my given name, Renee, translates to "Rebirth" or "Reborn" in French. This nickname resonated deeply within me as it symbolized a profound transition and my purpose on this earth.

So, what does all of this have to do with nothingness? Well, I believe that Bardo, in a way, represents a form of nothingness. It exists in the liminal space before rebirth and after death—the threshold just before the creation of something new.

With this personal connection in mind, we delve into the exploration of nothingness and its transformative power. Let us uncover the wonders that lie within the embrace of silence and stillness, drawing inspiration from my own journey and the stories of creation that highlight the significance of starting from nothing.

Before we proceed, it's important to clarify that this article does not argue for "creationism" or dispute the reality of evolution. Evolution is an established fact. Instead, our focus is to shed light on how the notion of nothingness or doing nothing can remarkably benefit us by tapping into a wellspring of inner knowledge. The ancients understood this and used language to elucidate concepts that may be difficult to explain without scientific terminology.

"The Tibetan term bardo, or “intermediate state,” is not just a reference to the afterlife. It also refers more generally to these moments when gaps appear, interrupting the continuity that we otherwise project onto our lives. In American culture, we sometimes refer to this as having the rug pulled out from under us, or feeling ungrounded. These interruptions in our normal sense of certainty are what is being referred to by the term bardo. But to be precise, bardo refers to that state in which we have lost our old reality and it is no longer available to us." By Pema Khandro Rinpoche

In the beginning, it always seems to come down to doing nothing. Even in creation stories across cultures, life emerges from nothingness or Ex Nihilo in Latin. It's a concept that can be challenging for us to grasp, yet it holds tremendous power. Why? Because within nothingness lies the essence—the juice of life.

In various creation mythologies, water is depicted as the source of life. In astrology, water symbolizes the repository of all memories. So, when we sit in stillness, quietly connecting with the nothingness, we tap into the vast reservoir of memories held within our bodies, flowing in and out like the air we breathe. It's truly miraculous how we can access this inner depth, but it requires practice, skill, and a trust that can sometimes evolve into something greater—faith.

Yes, I said it—faith. I used to dislike this word for most of my life, until 2017 when I finally comprehended its meaning. Faith transcends mere trust; it embodies a belief in the mystical and the unknown. It acknowledges that something extraordinary can emerge from what we perceive as nothing.

Give it a try for a while, and even if your wildest dreams don't materialize, rest assured that scientists have discovered the remarkable effects it has on your brain and overall well-being. Embracing silence and stillness aids us in profound ways, regardless of the specific outcomes we anticipate.

So, take a moment each day to be still, to embrace the silence. Tap into the power of nothingness and unlock the transformative potential within. It may seem unconventional, but the rewards are undeniable—both for your mind and your health.


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