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Redefining Meditation: Your Way, Your Style

I love when people say, "I can't meditate" or "I am bad a meditating". We think that meditation is something special and in many ways it ISN'T. If anything it is INTENTIONAL. Instead of it just happening in the shower, in bed, or outside as you soak up the sun, it happens because you decide to do it INTENTIONALLY.

Silence and Stillness tend to be the two things that bring up angst in most of us. In a world where we are always going and figuring it out, it seems counterproductive to not do and just listen.

Brought up as a women in this world who also has a strong emotional and intuitive sense, I know that I need to tap into that inner body to have a sound mind so that I can do what is truly important and act with gentleness instead of with carelessness and unconscious habits. Too often we just do and regret our decisions or blame one another for what went "wrong". Meditation gives us the tools to stop, take note, and decide based on our core instead of jumping to conclusions that may be based on our habit of finding fault in ourselves and others.

So I challenge you to try meditation but to also open your mind to what Meditation could look like... For example, although you see people sit cross legged, meditation does not have to look any kind of way. I invite those who come to CHANGE IT UP. Be brave and DO IT YOUR WAY either on your own or come to my session and INTEND to be you while meditating. That means, say "Hey, Ray, I am going to be moving a bit while you do the guided meditation. My eyes will be open and I will be considerate of others." Or maybe your way is to stand, sit in a chair, or lie down. This is your time to INTEND to tap into yourself.

Outside of the body being restless and needing to be in another type of state, meditation can bring up thoughts and movement in the mind and inner body as well. Meditation is more about compassion for self then being quiet. Listening to our thoughts is the first way to start the Compassion Journey. With compassion we open the door to giving ourselves time to be where we are. Emotions or stressful thoughts are fleeting just like everything "this too shall pass". Meditation is allowing yourself to recognize that this loud mind and feeling body is what is happening all the time when you just act from unconscious habits throughout your day.

So many new meditators say, "I'm not good at meditation, instead of my mind getting quieter, it gets louder." I want you to understand that it may seem that way, but in truth, it's that you have ignored the voice for so long you didn't even know what you were basing your decisions on all this time. This loud voice is good because now you can be aware why you have the life you do. By listening and holding compassion, we are also led to forgive ourselves for all the things we may judge ourselves for in the past. This action of forgiveness is the moment you allow yourself to grow and learn. You can make decisions now based on where you want to be, not where you've been.


Good luck out there and just remember we are all suffering.

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