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I am COMING OUT with it!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

I do NOT believe there is ONE WAY to get what you desire.

There are abundant ways in limitless form for everything you desire to manifest!

This sounds so simple, yet it's the hardest thing to wrap my mind around. I only started to see how an abundance mindset can affect my worldview when I came out.

What does coming out mean? To me it means saying no to what wasn't working in my life and "Hell Yes" to what sparked a passion in my heart, ignited my soul, and pushed me to act with loving abandon.

My past starts as a very passionate teenager who worked diligently to get into RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) for Sculpture. Later a young adult who risked going broke getting certified as a Kriya Yoga Instructor before it was popular.

But what happened?

I lost myself in the world of what I didn't want and what I thought I had to be.

SOUND FAMILIAR... It's an all too common story.

For ten years, from 2004-2014, I got swallowed up by life and allowed myself to play victim until I realized the only person who is going to keep me safe, stand up for me, and risk everything for my happiness had to be ME! Working in an abusive and toxic environment kicked me in high gear to stop letting people step all over me and start being the amazing self I knew I could be.

And how - Well that came once I asked Why?

It came down to my life in the end. I was driving home one day and realized if I kept going the way I was, I would end up understanding why people became suicidal. I allowed myself to be bullied by my boss and stay in a job that was beneath anyone's standards. It was grading on my resolve for breathing. I had to do something or watch as I went down painfully.

Thankfully I did it with the spirit of a sprint runner by deciding the quickest way out was to imagine another job that would sustain me until I built up my new business. Quickly I sent resumes out to places and landed a relaxed job at a Garden Shop. At the same time, I set up Beyor Bookkeeper, LLC, and worked on getting clients on my off time. It took me two years to be full-time and I will rejoice in saying it was one of the most brilliant things I've ever done! I also wondered why I didn't do it sooner.

Becoming self-employed provided me the autonomy I needed to set my own hours, choose my clients, virtually work from anywhere, and work the way I wanted.

Okay- this is where I get back to COMING OUT!

Working for myself made me so free that I decided to get out there and try something new like Swing Dancing. So in 2014, I took my first swing dancing class. In two more years, I was taking off my dance shoes to put on my street shoes, ready to leave the dance studio, when a new friend shared that she was dating a "Polyamorous Person". I had never heard that word before. She told me her story and I left that studio walking to my car to go home realizing "I have been closeted all this time!"

I came out as a polyamorous person in 2017 during the worst time for my husband. Yes, I am married. He is my life partner and I love him dearly. A month previous his Dad left the house to go down the street to their local tool shop and got lost for 17 hours. There was a Silver Alert out for him. Thankfully a gas station owner spotted him and alerted the authorities. Then literally on the day, I planned to bring up the subject of Polyamory, my husband's mother fell down the stairs. Did I decide not to talk to him? No, because I had been too scared for so long and this was my last straw. I had to.

What I learned from that day was...

No time is a good time and therefore any time is the time to do your life!

I had to. Have you ever felt that gnawing feeling that if you don't do something you'll regret it and it may cause your demise in some way? That's how I felt. To me, it was a life-or-death moment. Just like getting out of the dead-end abusive job that was killing me; this would too kill me if I didn't be me.

There's more to this story of course...

Like how does this all have to do with ABUNDANCE?

Coming soon!

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