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Mon, Mar 18


Virtual Event

Lunch Time : Virtual Talk - Introduction to the Manifesting Magic Manual - #2 - Mar 2024

Have you lost your Powers to Manifest Magic into your Life. Do you you have people around you that seem to just look radiant in their skin and walk with a knowing that you wish you had? Learn what makes up the Manifesting Magic Manual and How you can get some of what they have!

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Lunch Time : Virtual Talk - Introduction to the Manifesting Magic Manual - #2 - Mar 2024
Lunch Time : Virtual Talk - Introduction to the Manifesting Magic Manual - #2 - Mar 2024

Time & Location

Mar 18, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Virtual Event

About the event

I will be holding  Free 1 hour Seminars every third Monday of the month  about how to Become a Manifesting Magnet!

This 1 hour talk proceeds the 4 day intensive workshop that will make you use the word "Powerful" when you refer to yourself - without being Ashamed or think "That's not for me!?".

Power can be kind, strong with and not over, and give back without taking away!  

Radiate from the inside out and be the example of what Power is really all about!

You'll receive access to the FREE WORKBOOK online once you register for this FREE 1 Hour Talk!

We'll go over what will be covered in the workbook & workshops :

  • Co-Depenedency No More
  • Consent & Boundaries
  • Honestly Hard Conversations
  • Feel Good in Your Skin

Virtual 4 Day Workshops 

Become a Manifesting Magnet

Get out of my way -

I am POWERFUL, Baby!

Attract a Life Worth Living

FIND OUT MORE: Intensive Workshops 

This 4 Day Workshop includes:

 1: This is Mine, That's Yours: CoDependency No More

We will explore the intricate world of codependency. Gain a deep understanding of what codependency truly looks and feels like, empowering you to identify codependent patterns within yourself and others. By the end of this workshop, you'll walk away with being able to recognize codependency from a mile away, with a process to let go of other people's work, and tools to use when its easy so that when the shit hits the fan you have the habit down!

Tools & Exercises: Feeling Body Awareness Practices,  Finding your Edges & Containers, & Daily Practice for Autonomy

 2: Get Out or Get In, Make a Choice: Consent & Boundaries

In this session, we'll help you navigate the nuanced environment of opening the door to consent and boundaries for yourself and others. We will explore how our words, body language, and energetic presence can either empower or hinder our capacity to assert and preserve our personal truth. Learn practical tools and strategies to identify and establish boundaries while embracing consent, fostering healthier, more respectful connections.

Tools & Exercises: The Consent YES & NO Spectrum, Saying No Practice, Multiamory Boundary Exercises

 3: A Jackass Doesn't Get the Love:  Honestly Hard Conversations

We'll delve into the art of engaging in honest yet challenging conversations.  Discover the importance of understanding and feeling into consent and recognizing when boundaries become pertinent. Gain expertise in nonviolent communication styles to foster meaningful interactions and avoid the weaponization of words and actions. By the end of this workshop, you'll be better prepared to engage in authentic, constructive conversations that nurture understanding and connection.

Tools & Exercises: NonViolent Communication, TriForce Communication, HALTS!

 4:  Oh Yeah, I Am All That & More, Baby! : Feel Good in Your Skin

In this last part of the workshop series, we will take all that we learned in a synopsis and add tips to gaining the sense of power, vitality, and excitement for life back into your everyday experience.   These tips will allow you to refocus toward what is most important and not get drowned out by the upsets in life's current circumstance.  You'll be able to use what you've learned in workshop one to three in order to create an external appearance that will now match your inner knowledge you have gained and will continue to build upon.

Tools & Exercises:  Mirror Exercises, Intentional Guided Actions Steps, VPN Decision Making Process, and So Much More!

Go deeper with:

One-to-One  Coaching with Ray Beyor

Where you will use the Four Coming Out Process to unearth your authentic self and the power to choose!  Let's do this... I cannot wait!


  • Free One Hour Talk

    Pay $0 or Pay what you want. I appreciate any money you can offer because I use these funds to provide Sliding Scale pricing, Free Resources & Free Talks!

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