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The Confidence Tool Kit Workshop

The First of Four Workshops that comprise the "The Coming Out Process".

This 5 Day Workshop will propel you into your Confident Self by going deep into the 7 Tools.

This process will transform how you think about what is possible for you in all areas of your life!


The Confidence Mind-Set Shift Tool Kit Steps:

  1. Take Inventory

  2. Affirmation

  3. Containerize

  4. Care Package

  5. Rituals

  6. Remember Why

  7. Visualize

5 Day Workshops:

Week One: Introduction, Expectation, & Take Inventory Talk

Week Two: Building a Foundation for Success: CARE

Week Three: Reflecting & Rituals

Week Four: How Remembering Why - Intention is Everything!

Week Five: How to move from Visualize into Action.

2 Versions:

  1. 5 Day Week long Workshop

  2. 5 Week Month long Workshop


The Differences:

1.  The 5 day week long workshops are normally during the week Easter Standard Time (EST) at lunchtime (1130-130pm) or after dinner (730-930pm).  The reason is so that those who live in Pacific Time can attend without it impeding on their sleep or work too much. (Either 830-1030am or 430-630pm PST). Due to this being an intensive, it will also be less expensive and will require more of you to keep the information alive in your life.


2.  The 5 week long workshops are normally during the same time but are on the same day for 5 weeks straight (possibly with a break in between).  Please be aware that the 5 week workshop has homework and will take you 1 - 2 hours to complete each week.  Due to the expanded schedule, you will have the opportunity to gain more knowledge through practice and the accountability pods we will create.  The investment in time means that these workshops will be more expensive and involved.


In Both Workshop Versions:  You will receive a Free Confidence Mind-Set Shift Tool Kit. This Free Guide will be jam packed with all the tools you need to get started on your own: Free Meditation, Visualization, & Journal Prompts.  You will also have the opportunity to be on an accountability pod list so that you can practice with others from the group.  EXTRA BONUS: For a month after each workshop, I will be available for up to 3 emailed questions.

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